Originally built to withstand the brutal marine environment of Lake of the Ozarks, the RhinoLift L-Arm Floating Boat Lift is now the preferred choice for boat owners who want the ultimate in strength, durability and boat lift performance. Each lift is handcrafted, expertly welded, and hot-dip galvanized to offer the highest level of protection for your boat, and the highest level of convenience and safety for the people who use it.

RhinoLift Floating Boat Lifts allow you to raise and lower your lift with the push of a button and the peace-of-mind gained from trusting the same equipment used by marinas, restaurants and resorts across the United States and Canada.

There is no match for Rhino stability. Originally built to withstand the brutal Lake of the Ozarks marine environment, the RhinoLift® L-Arm Lift is now the referred choice for those who want the ultimate in strength, durability and performance. Each lift is expertly welded and hot-dip galvanized to offer the highest level of protection, safety and convenience. Plus, the First Mate control unit allows you to raise and lower your lift with the push of a button. Put the strength and simplicity of a RhinoLift boat lift into your dock and lift system.

  • WELDED AND GALVANIZED frame for added strength and corrosion resistance.
  • HEAVY DUTY DOCK BRACKETS for added strength and durability.
  • 2.5″ GALVANIZED STEEL L-ARMS add to the overall lift strength and durability.
  • MARINE GRADE FASTENERS AND BUSHINGS for quiet, lasting performance.
  • ROTATIONALLY MOLDED LIFT TANKS provide an airtight tank and superior impact resistance.
  • NO STEEL IN THE WATER when lift is in up position to prevent corrosion and reduce maintenance.

Experience The Next Generation of Floating Docks and Lifts

Get your copy of the Rhino Marine Systems’ product catalog for an overview of the RhinoDock and RhinoLift systems which offer premium quality and unmatched stability.


L-Arm RhinoLift floating boat lifts offer a wide range of accessories to fit your boat, pontoon or tritoon, and premium RhinoLift control units are available with either manual, or remote control operation.


Control Units 

RhinoLift boat lifts feature premium RhinoLift control units available in either manual operation or remote control operation.


Arm Guards 

When entering or exiting the lift in wind, currents or choppy water, RhinoLift Arm Guards can add additional protection for your watercraft.



Guide-ons act as a centering for properly storing your watercraft on the RhinoLift. Horizontally adjustable for a perfect fit.


Lift Bunks 

RhinoLift lift bunks feature marine grade carpet and vertically and horizontally adjustable for your boat or pontoon.



ModelCapacitySlip Width*Frame Height**Overall LengthMin. Water DepthBlower Box
RH 44104,400 lbs9'6" - 11'6"32"192"54"Rhino Control Unit
RH 4410P4,400 lbs9'6" - 11'6"32"192"54"Rhino Control Unit
RH 44124,400 lbs11'6" - 13'6"32"192"54"Rhino Control Unit
RH 72107,200 lbs9'6" - 11'6"32"192"54"Rhino Control Unit
RH 7210P7,200 lbs9'6" - 11'6"32"192"54"Rhino Control Unit
RH 72127,200 lbs11'6" - 13'6"32"192"54"Rhino Control Unit
RH 72147,200 lbs13'6" - 15'6"32"192"54"Rhino Control Unit
RH 72167,200 lbs15'6" - 17'6"32"192"54"Rhino Control Unit
RH 90129,000 lbs11'6" - 13'6"32"192"54"Rhino Control Unit
RH 90149,000 lbs13'6" - 15'6"32"192"54"Rhino Control Unit
RH 90169,000 lbs15'6" - 17'6"32"192"54"Rhino Control Unit

*Choose an L-Arm or 4 corner style RhinoLift floating boat lift when you have a full slip available and can attach the lift to the dock walkways with dock connector brackets.

**Frame Height with Tanks; tanks are each 26” tall x 28” wide x 12.5” long.