Dock builders and dock installers everywhere rely on RhinoFloat premium dock flotation to float their customers floating dock systems because of their durability, impact resistance, and premium construction. RhinoFloat dock flotation can be found on premier marinas, resort dock systems, public access docks and residential floating dock systems throughout the United States and Canada. Designed with a minimum nominal wall thickness of .015″, and completely encapsulated expanded polystyrene foam interior, RhinoFloat can withstand even the harshest marine environment. Slotted connection locations make installation quick and easy.


Polystyrene Foam Filled

RhinoFloat dock flotation is foam filled with expanded polystyrene beads. The foam filling prevents loss of buoyancy in the in the event of puncture or damage to the outer shell, and meets or exceeds the Hunt Absorption Test.


Rotationally Molded Shell

RhinoFloat dock flotation features a roto-molded shell infused with UV inhibitors for durability. The outer shell provides water displacement, buoyancy and fully encapsulates the foam filling.


“J” Bolt Compatible Slots

Quick and easily installation is provided by RhinoFloats “J” bolt compatible attachment slots. Slotted attachment locations allow the dock builder or installer to position the RhinoFloat nearly anywhere along the dock frame.


Reinforced Corners

RhinoFloat dock flotation is designed so that each corner is supported by full length sidewalls on both sides of the corner. This provides reinforcement to the critical corners of each float. Ribbed sidewalls provide additional structural integrity.


RhinoFloat dock flotation is as versatile as it is durable. Dock builders choose RhinoFloat dock flotation because they are  easy to install, and offer superior long-term flotation and durability. Dock installers choose RhinoFloat because they can be used to help install dock systems as well as provide the foundation for floating dock systems. With the versatility of RhinoFloat dock flotation, it’s no wonder that marina owners and managers all over the world rely on RhinoFloat dock flotation when choosing dock floats for their new marina, or to repair or re-float an existing marina.


Dock Builders

Dock builders stake their reputation on every dock they build for their customers. RhinoFloat dock flotation is the foundation of any professional, marina-grade floating dock system. RhinoFloat dock flotation is easy to install, and provides a great long-term flotation foundation for any style of floating dock.


Dock Installers

Dock installers rely on RhinoFloat dock floation to create safe workable rafts, to help with installation and removal of dock systems, and to provide long-lasting, durable support of the floating dock systems that they service. RhinoFloat dock flotation is as versatile as it is durable.


Dock Flotation

When it comes to floating docks, nothing is more important than the dock flotation that supports it. RhinoFloat dock flotation is trusted by world class marinas, public access docks, and residential floating dock systems throughout the United States and Canada because of its dependability.


Marina Repair and Re-Float

RhinoFloat dock flotation is so easy to install that it can be used in nearly any marina repair, or marina re-float application. RhinoFloat dock flotation is designed to meet or exceed most specifications for floating marina dock systems, and it’s slotted attachment locations allow for an easy fit to nearly any dock frame.


Float SizeFloat StyleCapacity (lbs)Weight (lbs)Cubic Feet
2' x 3' x 12"Flat Top315186
2' x 4' x 12"Flat Top425308
3' x 4' x 12"Flat Top6504712
4' x 4' x 12"Flat Top8756016
4' x 6' x 12"Flat Top13508024
4' x 8' x 12"Flat Top185010532
2' x 4' x 16"Flat Top5504010.7
3' x 4' x 16"Flat Top8755516
3' x 6' x 16"Flat Top13507524
4' x 4' x 16"Flat Top12256521.3
4' x 6' x 16"Flat Top185010532
4' x 8' x 16"Flat Top250013542.7
2' x 4' x 20"Flat Top7255013.33
3' x 4' x 20"Flat Top11006020
3' x 6' x 20"Flat Top16809030
4' x 4' x 20"Flat Top15008526.7
4' x 6' x 20"Flat Top230012040
4' x 8' x 20"Flat Top305015553.3
2' x 4' x 24"Flat Top8655816
3' x 4' x 24"Flat Top13006324
3' x 6' x 24"Flat Top200011236
4' x 4' x 24"Flat Top175010032
4' x 6' x 24"Flat Top270014048
4' x 8' x 24"Flat Top365016564
3' x 4' x 32"Flat Top17308632
4' x 6' x 32"Flat Top360016564